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Shipping & Returns

Before any orders will be dispatched shipping method, date and cost must be agreed by us under all circumstances. Obviously these are breakable and in some cases costly items, therefore collection is always preferable, but we can arrange shipping with freight forwarders on a fully insured basis or not insured that is your choice. We ship globally


The Buyer must inform us of the reason for return and get our agreement to receive the return goods before shipping.

Buyer assumes all liability for any damage that occurs on return shipment to Seller. Items must be packaged to withstand return shipment to Seller and Buyer assumes responsibility to verify that all items are secure and that damage will not occur.

Return documentation must be included with your return/exchange. This must include your original shipping information, if package was damaged the packaging, date of order, order number (if used), our invoice number, your details, how you paid to enable us to execute a refund:

Return to:
4 Holding
Heatley Lane
United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE: Documentation MUST be clearly visible on the return package.

Goods returned without our prior agreement:

Items that were not preauthorized for return will be marked unclaimed for 30 calendar days. In this event, no contact attempts will be made by Seller to Buyer. After 30 calendar days the item(s) will be disposed of as seen fit by Seller. Should Buyer choose to have the product reshipped, payment for reshipment must be received before shipment is made.

International Shipments that are returned as unclaimed will not be subject to a refund. Payment for reshipment must be received in order for Seller to reship the item(s).

Items received after 14 days of agreed return will be considered unclaimed.

International cancellations are subjected to additional shipping terms below.


Shipping charges are non-refundable. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

We reserve the right to ship by the best method possible.